What are the features a staff can avail by using appointments organizer software ?

"By using appointments organizer software your staff can avail the following features Add, edit or delete customers Send email, sms reminders to customers Add, edit or delete appointments Send email, sms reminders of the appointments Change status of the appointments Add, edit or delete events Create, edit or delete invoices Email invoices to customers Create, edit or delete receipts Email receipts to customers Invoices and receipts can be created individually or on behalf of the company depending upon the company settings. Generate report about customers, appointments, invoices, receipts by mentioning specific dates. Download iphone app or Android App and update these features on the move and access the software anywhere anytime."

Do you have demo on the features of staff login ?

"Yes we do have a video on the features of the staff login"

Can a staff change the logo if he is a sub contractor?

"Yes the staff can change the logo according to their wish. But by default the company logo will get uploaded."

Can a staff see the companies appointments and his colleagues appointments ?

"No a staff can view only his own appointments and other details in his login"

Can a staff use the appointments organizer on his iphone or android smart phones ?

"Yes your staff should download iphone or android app and they can start using it and avail all the features on the move."

Can a staff mention his availability of his work and holidays ?

"Yes your staff can block his time by making reserve time so the company can understand whether he is available or not."