Quick Set up

Where Quick set up Icon can be found ?

"Once you register as a new user, you will receive an email to activate the account. And once you click the link to activate your account, you will be prompted to login and once you login quick set up will pop up automatically. If not you can see the Quick Set up Button on the bottom footer after you login into your account"

What are the features of ‘Quick Set Up’

"Quick set up enables you to set up the software very quickly so you can have a trial within 10 minutes. Later you can perform detailed settings on your software. It is very easy and useful for Single users and with couple of users that is staff ( Users are your staff ). First you have to enter your company details and followed by Services, Staff, Customer and finally notification settings. It is quite easy and user friendly."

For Whom Quick Set up is Recommended ?

"We recommend everyone to do the quick set up first time and later you can do the detailed set up at your free time. Moreover quick set up is easy to finish for single user accounts or couple of user accounts"

How to perform a quick set up ?

"Register for free 15 days trial, activate the link which is emailed to your email which you have used for your registration. Login into your account ‘quick set up’ pops up or you can click the ‘quick set up’ at the footer. Enter your company details by uploading your logo, Enter your services, add services as much as you want and keep on saving, once finished click next. Enter your staff details select the services which you staff can provide and inter your staff email id (Password is automatically generated by the system and will send email and sms if selected) enter other details and click save, add as many staff you have. If you have more staff you can add all the staff later by uploading in bulk which can be found in detailed settings. Click next, Now add couple of customers with their details and email id is the user name for the customer login if required. Fill the required columns atleast and click save and if required keep repeating until you want to add new customers and if you want you can also upload your customers in bulk in general settings. Click next and now update your Notification settings and finally update and last click update and close button. Now quick set up is finished. You can see you company name, slogan and your logo and your appointments organizer is set up."